Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 13-19

Not much happened last week. Jordan started classes, we worked, and I made homemade dinner every night! Even though its more work, it's saving us so much money to make food and eat at home! Healthier, too!

The office is done! New curtains and all! Love it :).

I printed a printable from Pinterest and hung it in our bathroom in a dollar store frame! Such an easy, cheap, cute decoration!

Jordan hasn't shaved his beard in a month and a half, and you can call him mountain man!

We had some friends over that got married in December and had a great time! It's nice to have another married couple besides family to hang out with!

Big news!!! Just kidding... I tried on a pregnant belly while maternity clothes shopping with Danielle!! Don't worry, I'm not pregnant :). It'll be a while before I look like that!

Life is slow and uneventful, but I felt like I should blog anyway...ill try to be more exciting next time :).

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