Monday, January 28, 2013

January 20-26

Well, last week we celebrated my dads 50th birthday!! It was a great time together with family, and so nice to celebrate my dads life! I love that man!

I've been working a little less than normal, but have been able to get some reading done, and its nice to relax. When my nanny job starts and I have to wake up at 6am, I'm going to miss these slow days that I can sleep whenever I want to!

Nothing exciting to post, and no pictures this week! I know- pretty fun!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 13-19

Not much happened last week. Jordan started classes, we worked, and I made homemade dinner every night! Even though its more work, it's saving us so much money to make food and eat at home! Healthier, too!

The office is done! New curtains and all! Love it :).

I printed a printable from Pinterest and hung it in our bathroom in a dollar store frame! Such an easy, cheap, cute decoration!

Jordan hasn't shaved his beard in a month and a half, and you can call him mountain man!

We had some friends over that got married in December and had a great time! It's nice to have another married couple besides family to hang out with!

Big news!!! Just kidding... I tried on a pregnant belly while maternity clothes shopping with Danielle!! Don't worry, I'm not pregnant :). It'll be a while before I look like that!

Life is slow and uneventful, but I felt like I should blog anyway...ill try to be more exciting next time :).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Same old stuff!

I'm realizing that this blog may be a great way for me to look back at the end of the year and see everything that happened, however I will probably also realize that I have a pretty low key, boring life :). Which is fine with me! My posts may not be exciting or interesting, but I'm sure by the end of 2013 I will be glad I kept record of things that happened :).

We got a pool table (for FREE) that keeps us up way too late at night playing! Who knew it would be so addicting!!

I took a picture of myself on a good hair day. Which I never do/have either of those things. I'm not big into pictures of me, and well, I've had about 7 good hair days in my life ;).

I got a new cookie jar I've wanted for months! 80% off! Wooooo!!!!!!!

Babysat my favorite little nephew :).

Our backyard tree got cut down :(. Boo!

My sister in law, Jocelyn, threw her husband, Jeff, an awesome firefighter themed birthday tonight! Happy 25th!

Oh did I mention I painted and redid our office while Jordan was at work?! Yep. Be impressed! Before: blue. After:tan/grey!

That's all folks!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New year!

I'm going to try something! It probably won't last, but I'm definitely going to give it my best shot!
To help me keep track of what happens in 2013, I'm going to do a picture a week. It will probably turn into quite a few pictures a week instead, but at LEAST one picture a week. In the post with the picture(s), I will tell the highlights of the week!!

This past week was New Years week! New Year's Eve was pretty low key. Dinner at Texas Roadhouse with the fam, back to the in-laws to play games, then home around 10:30 because we are all too lame to party late :). Jordan and I came home and played games until midnight! We then watched the ball drop (of course!) and had a long discussion about goals of 2013 and goals for our marriage. It was a nice evening :).
Other than work, family time, and dinner with family friends we know from Jeff City, the week was pretty uneventful. We dog-sat our dog niece, Veda! I think Lucy is glad to be the only dog in the home now though :).
Jordan and I built big snowmen! So fun, but now they look like dying zombie snowmen. Kinda sad :(.
I also decided to try new things with my hair this year! Sounds dumb, but if you know me, you'll know my hair is pretty much always in a boring ponytail looking pretty horrible! Gonna try to spice up the "do's" in 2013!