Monday, November 28, 2011

I love being a wife.
I haven't seen Jordan in almost 7 hours. This is the longest we've been apart since the wedding day. And I miss him. Pathetic?
I loved our wedding. The whole day was so fun and relaxing, and seeing Jordan as I was walking down the aisle toward him was the best feeling I've ever had. I can't wait to see our pictures from our photographers in a few weeks! The day was so amazing and beautiful, but it's hard to remember the details!
Our honeymoon was more amazing than I could have ever imagined! It was so fun, relaxing, warm, and just perfect. We love Jamaica, and it's definitely an adjustment to be back home. Even though we love home! And we love being able to have a home together.
I love that he doesn't have to leave at night after watching a movie or relaxing together.
I love that I get to wake up to him every morning.
I love that I don't have to take care of my house alone anymore.
I always have my best friend to hang out with!
I love just sharing life with the man I love and will spend forever with.

I know this "honeymoon" stage won't last forever, but I am looking forward to all of the different stages our marriage will go through. I'm even looking forward to the bad times, because I know it will only bring us closer and make us stronger.

Thank you Jesus for marriage. It is truly the most amazing gift.

God is good.

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