Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love being engaged.
Jordan and I have been doing premarital counseling, and I feel like we are really learning a lot about each other. We are going through the book and workbook for "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts". It is such a great book, and gives us exercises to do that we talk about things we wouldn't normally think to talk about. We are able to have great discussions, and sort out potential problems that we may encounter on this journey called marriage.

We also got the book "Sheet Music" and have been reading it out loud to each other. It is just so great that their are tools out there like these books that really help couples know what they're getting into before the "I do's". I feel so blessed to have a fiance that is not only willing, but excited to reading and digging deeper into our relationship in order to prepare us fully for this commitment.

God is so good and He knows what He's doing-even when I can't see the good. Jordan and I are so blessed to have a relationship that consists of very little arguing, lots of laughter, and a ton of love. We are going into this marriage debt free, and feel very financially blessed-even though at times I may not feel like it. We have amazing families that are there for us no matter what, and not only bless our relationship, but encourage it.

This week at work has been pretty rough, and even when things seem the lowest, I still can find joy through Christ. Take a minute to count your blessings, not your worries. We tend to get caught up in all the "yuck" and don't really seem to notice how incredibly blessed and loved we are by our Savior.

These next 23 days before I walk down the aisle are going to be a roller coaster, I'm sure. Ups and downs at work, with friends, finances, and migraines. However, God is faithful. At the end of the day on November 18th, I will be Mrs. Jordan Seifert. Two days later I will be on the beach in Jamaica. What is there to complain about?! Life may not be easy, and I may not always be in a good mood.
But I can guarantee one thing: Through Christ, I have joy.

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