Saturday, September 3, 2011


First of all: Pinterest has taken over my life.
Second of all: Plum has taken over as my number 1 favorite color. Sorry pink. Still love you.
Third of all: I'm so crafty! Look!!!

Step 1: Find/buy glass vases/jars/bottles. Wash them!

Step 2: Spray paint them if you want. Any color. I chose silver and white.

Step 3: Pour Epsom Salt into a container. I chose a cake pan. Let your really cute dog help out- it makes your projects turn out better.
Step 4: Get your spray adhesive ready!
Step 5: Spray adhesive onto bottles. Roll/sprinkle epsom salt onto glass.
Step 6: Look at your creation!!!
Here they are! I decided you don't really need to spray paint them if you really don't want to. The white and the clear look pretty much the same, and the silver looks cool, but not necessary :).

LOVE them!!! I think I'll use them at my wedding reception, but until then, they'll be helping my house look cute!

On another note: I get married in 76 days. I love when Jordan calls me "my bride". I love weekends. I love when God shows himself to me in the most unexpected ways. I love my family. My dog is great. That's my life all summed up right now :).

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