Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I don't know what to write about. You know why? Because if I wrote about my life, you'd fall asleep!
So here it is real quick!

Class Monday Wednesday Friday mornings.
Work everyday 1-6.
Hang out with family and friends.
Save money.Look for townhomes.
Do homework.
Watch Say Yes to the Dress and drool.

Here's a little story for you. Jordan found a car on Craigslist. In St. Louis. So. Jordan, his dad and I drive 4 hours to St. Louis. Thinking this is going to be the best car ever, because the dealer said it was awesome. And the pictures looked sweet. We got there. The car was a pile of junk. I couldn't put my feet on the floor because I didn't want to kill the mold family that was growing there. It's their territory. Wouldn't have been fair.We drove it for about 45 seconds. Got out. Gave the key back. Headed back home. Awesome. But we got back to Olathe, Jordan found a car in KC he wanted to look at. So we went, looked at it, bought it, came back. So, at least at the end of the day he got a new car. Right...? Yeah.

Daxon got his newborn pictures taken recently... He's pretty stinkin cute. They ended up taking his shoes off though...they're a little big. He's my favorite nephew ever! :)

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  1. Awh, you do have a cute nephew. That sucks about st louis! 8 hour drive for nothing!