Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...?
I don't really care about this day at allll. Sorry world.
I actually have started to h.a.t.e. this holiday since working at Hobby lobby in the fabric department.
It's been crazy. Maybe that's why it's been weeks since I've updated my blog. I just don't have the time. I'm too busy ordering, unpacking, pricing, rearranging and repricing yarn, being nice, getting cuts and bruises, answering peoples questions even though I have no idea what they're talking about, and so on.
Why do people need to buy so much fabric and spend all that time and money, when Savers is right across the street, and they could just go BUY a costume?! Idiots. Thanks for making my job sucky. I've never seen so many grown adults freaking out about needing fabric to make a halloween costume. Freaks.

I wish I could post about something besides work. But that's all I do, so that's what my post has to be about.
Here are some pictures of things that spice my weeks up!

Crazy boyfriend a and crazy dog who sleeps in the strangest positions...

My Sweet puppy got to big for her old blanket. So I made a new one. She doesn't seem to realize it's bigger though....

Beautiful sunset.

Legends date!

My week also included: Staying at Grandmas, picking out and buying bridesmaid dresses for Danielle and Joel's wedding, going to the dorms and hanging out with great friends, bonfire, hayride, cold nights, Sweet Caroline's which is the cutest and best little candy store ever, Lucy, and lots of Hobby Lobby!!

Ps. I'm currently looking for a 2 bedroom Westerfield! Anyone who finds me one gets a CASH REWARD.

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