Monday, October 11, 2010


YES guys- engaged
Nope. Not me. Not for a while, don't worry! ;)

DANIELLE AND JOEL are getting married in 5 weeksssss!!! I am so excited, and I couldn't be happier! We got her dress yesterday, she has an amazing ring, and her wedding will be incredible. Just a sweet little ceremony with family, and then a reception that friends are invited to. November 13th is the big day. So so so happy!!

I work at Hobby Lobby. I work a lot. And it's really busy. All the time. ALL the time. I work in the fabrics and needlework department. Lots of work. yeah. I like it though. Or at least, I will like it. It's kinda stressful and very overwhelming right now. But I'll survive I believe.

Lucy is still freaking awesome. Getting bigger, and falling in love with my grandma's dog, Teddy.

My boyfriend is still the best. He took me to the melting pot for our 10 months, and it was hands down the best date ever. Not only was the atmosphere perfect, the food outstanding, and the most romantic evening ever--it was a blast, and we just needed it so badly.

I moved! I love my house, and I'm trying to get settled in. It'll take a while since I work alllll day alllll the time. But I'm loving it!

Hmm. Sleep time. Real life comes too early and lasts too long.

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  1. just so you know becca darling, you gave me a little bit of a heart attack when i thought you were engaged. i better not find that kind of stuff out online.

    love you. glad to hear that life is going well for you sweet girl.