Monday, August 2, 2010


So. Let's play catch up. Moved Danielle into her new apartment. SO cute! Got my wisdom teeth out Thursday. SO painful. Trever's going away party friday night. Spent the night at Danielle's Saturday night, got SO sick in the night. Threw up a lot. Ew. Trever's other going away party Sunday night. Went back to the oral surgeon's office today. Dry socket. They had to take my stitches out and pack my tooth holes with gauze stuff. Probably the worst pain I've ever had. Ever. SO bad.
Bachelorette. Wow. Thank you Ali! You showed all the girls out there that they really can have the guy that seems "too good to be true". I loved that she said that so much. That's so similar to how I describe Jordan. So perfect. I'm too happy. Everything seems too right. That's how it SHOULD be!
Some people see it as a problem when couples don't fight, don't argue, always are sooo happy, and always want to be together. Um. Remind me again what's wrong with that...? Let me know. Because in my book, that's my fairy tale. And I'm livin it!

I can't want to move into Westerfield! I'm already planning everything. Being with Danielle while she's moved into her apartment has been so much fun, but I'm so jealous haha.

I'm also very much looking forward to being normal again. AKA...not on crazy meds. I don't remember some events, and I just can't seem to focus.
Um. I don't remember what else I was going to say.

Gonna miss you Trever!

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