Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey! Look! I'm still alive!
So much is happening, and life is just crazy! And I haven't even started school yet! I can't imagine what it'll be like in a couple weeks when I'm in school full time and working part time. Woah.

So...My past couple weeks have been insane. Basically, I spent every spare second of my life helping Jordan's sister, Jocelyn, get ready for her wedding. I made over 200 oreo truffles, decorated over 300 cupcakes, assembled programs, and just helps get everything together for the big day.

Bachelorette party: very fun. Got all dressed up...the theme was vintage black. I made birdcage veils for all of us to wear, which ended up pretty much just being a hair clip with some net on it. Haha. But we had a great time, and enjoyed spending the evening with Jocelyn :).

Then the big day came. And it was amazing. I did her hair, we went and got her makeup done (by Samantha, who did an AMAZING job! Do I have a great sister-in-law or what?!). Then we went to the church and I did 3 bridesmaid's hair, and one makeup. Wooo. Busy busy busy. The wedding was so beautiful. I cried during the whole ceremony.
It really made me want to write my own vows when I get married. I've
never really wanted to, but when I saw how much it added to the ceremony, I decided to consider it :).
The reception was a blast, and even though there was a huge storm, (really Kansas?) it was beautiful.

THEN just when we thought life would slow down....
Jordan decided he wanted to knock the wall down between his room and Jocelyn's room to make it an apartment style room. Soo.. Jordan and I knocked out his closet, tore out the carpet, and are going to paint the whole room, trim, and floor. Lot's of work, but it'll turn out

Picture time :).

I did her hair! :)

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