Thursday, June 17, 2010

OH man.
Life is good. Real good.

First off, I GOT ACCEPTED into the JCCC Cosmetology program!! YES! I was getting so stressed out! But--I got it! Thank the Lord!!

Secondly...I got a "new" car yesterday! It's a white 2000 nissan altima. It's nice! We'll make it even nicer though :).

Third: I went into Beauty Express today to get an application. The girl there was so nice, and we talked for a while. She told me they're hiring, and really in need of people right now. So. I just filled out my application, will take it in at 2, and the manager will interview me!! Let's hope I get the job!!

Jordan has been home for a week now. Such a great week! :) We've spent a lot of time together, trying to make up for the time apart. Man I missed that guy.

I got to see ZACH LUCERO last night! I missed him so much!

I don't really know what else to say.

My throat is scratchy.
Sorry there are no pictures in this post, Kallie. Hope the content was exciting enough to keep you hooked. :)

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  1. Don't worry I made it through it, I only started adding numbers in my head once. :) Glad your life is good!! I put your new blog on my rollll, holla.