Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm in Alabama. Somewhere. Not sure where.
In a hotel. My bed: pull out couch. BUT it's ok. Because tomorrow, I'll be in FLORIDA.
But. Problem. The forecast for the entire week: THUNDERSTORMS. Shooooot. I'm goin to Florida to get my tan on! Not spend time in the condo wishing I were out on the beach! :(
So let's all pray for no rain. K? Go.

Jordan is in the middle of his 18 hour flight to Africa! He left around 5:30 today (Friday). So he should get there in the morning sometime. You can do the math. Cause I'm too lazy. Pray for the safety of his trip and for his group. They're going to Swaziland. They'll be back on the 10th. He'll be gone over his birthday, and our 6 month anniversary. Sad day. But, it'll be an amazing trip. I know that for sure!

Well. I spent like 11 hours in a 7 passenger van, with 7 people. That's right. S.e.v.e.n. Every seat was full. Not ideal. We'll be there tomorrow though! Only a few more hours!

I saw Sex and the City 2 last night. It was fabulous. Go see it.
But don't go see it at 10 the night before you leave for vacation. Then go say goodbye to your boyfriend afterwards. Making bedtime approximately 2:30. Waking time: 5:30.
Not good. Sleep in the car? With seven people? I think not.


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